”Pizzas and all other food are also good to order for pick-up”

Antipasti (STARTERS)

  • Formaggi misti (V)
    115 kr
    Alberobellos cheese platter – a selection of Italian cheese and accompaniments
  • Antipasto della casa
    115 kr
    Alberobellos antipasto platter with Italian delicacies such as charkuteries, marinated vegetables and fried homemade bread
  • Mozzarella in carrozza con marmelata di pomodori
    95 kr
    Deepfried mozzarella with a sweet tomatoesalsa (V)
  • Carpaccio di bresaola punta d’anca
    110 kr
    Carpaccio of bresaola, grana padano shavings, oliveoil and rucola
  • Bruschetta al pomodoro (V)
    75 kr
    Bruschetta on our homemade bread, with classic tomato
  • Caprese
    95 Kr
    Mozzarella ,tomatoes and pesto Genovese (V)


FYI! All pasta courses, which are not filled pasta, are available as glutenfree!

  • Pappardelle Alberobello
    190 kr
    Pappardelle with smoked chicken, roasted peppers, spring onion, cream
  • Orecchiette Julia
    190 kr
    Orecchiette med ank-ragu
  • Ravioli ricotta e limone con gamberetti
    199 kr
    Ravioli filled with ricotta and lemon,
    with handpeeled prawns in a creamy fishsauce
  • Penne gorgonzola e speck (V= without speck)
    190 kr
    Penne with creamy gorgonzola sauce and speck
  • Ravioli al brasato con crema al tartufo
    199 kr
    Ravioli filled with slowly cooked beef and truffle.
    With a creamy truffle sauce
  • Risotto allo zafferano e code di gamberetti
    199 kr
    Saffron risotto with prawns, parmesan, butter
  • Fiocchetti formaggio e pere con salsa alle noci (vegetarian)
    190 kr
    Fiocchetti filled with cheese and pear, with a creamy walnutsauce
Secondi (Main courses)
  • Spezzatino d’alce
    270 kr
    Slowly cooked casserole of elk,
    with potatoes and fried bread, as it is made in northern Italy.
  • Stinco d’agnello brasato al Negroamaro
    280 kr
    Lamb with red wine sauce and crushed potatoes,
    with seasonal vegetables
  • Tagliata di manzo rucola e parmigiano
    295 kr
    Entrecote, grilled, with rucola, grana padano,
    potatoe tartin and seasonal vegetables
  • Zuppa di pesce
    295 kr
    Alberobellos fish-and shellfish soup with fried bread
Vegan alternatives
  • Pizza Vegana
    130 kr
    Vegan pizza - Tomatosauce, olives, artichoke, mushroom and pepper
  • Tortelloni quinoa spinaci
    190 kr
    Vegan Tortelloni filled with quinoa and spinach. With tomatosauce
  • Pasta Arrabbiata
    125 kr
    Pasta with tomatosauce, garlic and chilli. Spicy!

Insalate (Salads)

  • Rucola e Parmigiano (sidesalad)
    45 kr
    A classic Italian salad with rucola and grana padano shavings
  • Insalata Mista (sidesalad)
    45 kr
    Mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes

Insalate Grandi (Salads)

  • Main sallad – Smoked chicken
  • Main sallad – Handpeeled prawns
  • Main sallad – Cured ham


  • Creme brulee’ alla vaniglia
    85 kr
    Crème brulee’
  • Souffle’ al cioccolato
    85 kr
    Chocolate soufle’ with vanilla ice cream
  • Tartufo nero
    85 kr
    Chocolate ice cream with a heart of semifreddo zabaglione
  • Coppa di gelato due gusti
    85 kr
    Italian icecream. Two flavours – please ask your waiter/waitress for todays flavours!
Vegan (alternativ)
  • Sorbetto
    85 kr
    Sorbet - please ask you waiter/waitress for todays flavours


In Trattoria Alberobello we are making pizza dough ourselves every day, using a imported italian durumwheatflour, specialmade for making pizza.We are using only real mozzarella as base on all or our pizzas. This, together with the Italian ingredients such as Parmaham (d.o.p),
grana padano, bresaola, salsiccia etc makes us proud to be able to offer you ”la vera pizza Italiana” here in Stenungsund! We are making the pizza as they really are in Italy!

All pizzas can be made glutenfree! (Note! Traces of flour can occur as the same oven is being used) We also have Vegan alternative

  • Margherita (Vegetarian)
    89 kr
    Mozzarella, tomatosauce
  • Prosciutto
    115 kr
    Ham, mozzarella, tomatosauce
  • Salsiccia e rucola
    125 kr
    Rucola, salsiccia, tomatosauce, mozzarella
  • Funghi e Prosciutto
    125 kr
    Mushrooms, ham, mozzarella, tomatosauce
  • Quattro Formaggi (Vegetarian)
    140 kr
    Mozzarella, gorgonzola d.o.p, smoked scamorza grana padano shavings
  • Pollo
    140 kr
    Smoked chicken, roasted peppers, tomatosauce and mozzarella
  • Il Caprino
    145 kr
    Tomatosauce, mozzarella, goatcheese, peppers and prosciutto
  • Carpaccio
    160 kr
    Bresaola, rucola, grana padano shavings, mozzarella, tomatosauce
  • Alberobello
    160 kr
    Mozzarella, tomatosauce, bresaola, chantarelles, grana padano
  • Pesto
    160 kr
    Tomatosauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes,
    homemade pesto, prosciutto and rucola
  • Funghi (V)
    115 kr
    Mushrooms, mozzarella, tomatosauce
  • Napoli
    100 kr
    Anchovy, capers, mozzarella, tomatosauce and oregano
  • Calzone
    125 kr
    Ham, mozzarella, tomatosuace, (folded)
  • Diavola
    135 kr
    Spicy salami, mozzarella, tomatosauce
  • Brindisi (Vegetarian)
    130 kr
    Sundried tomatoes, olives, smoked scamorza,
    tomatosauce, mozzarella
  • Vegetariana (Vegetarian) (Vegan – without mozzarella)
    130 kr
    Tomatosauce, mozzarella, olives,
    artichoke, mushroom and peppers
  • Capricciosa
    140 kr
    Ham, mushrooms, olives, artichoke, mozzarella, tomatosauce
  • Rustica
    145 kr
    Tomatosauce, mozzarella,
    gorgonzola d.o.p, mushroom and speck
  • Bianca
    160 kr
    Prosciutto, rucola, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, grana padano
  • Bomba
    160 kr
    Mozzarella, tomatosauce, salsiccia, spicy salami, ham, gorgonzola
  • Burrata
    160 kr
    Tomatosauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, burrata, rucola
  • Tartufo Bianca (New!)
    160 kr
    Mozzarell, mushrooms, salsiccia, black truffel oil
Pizze bianche – white pizza (without tomatosauce)
  • Quattro Formaggi (Vegetarian)
    140 kr
    Mozzarella, gorgonzola d.o.p, smoked scamorza grana padano shavings.
  • Bianca
    160 kr
    Prosciutto, rucola, tomatoes, mozzarella, grana padano.
  • Tartufo Bianca (New!)
    160 kr
    Mozzarell, mushrooms, salsiccia, black truffel oil
Vegan Alternativ
  • Pizza Vegana
    125 kr
    Vegan pizza - Tomatosauce, olives, artichoke, mushrooms and peppers.

Bibite (Drycker)


"We are proud to be able to offer a big selection of Italian beer, some that are also the most popular in Italy."

  • Nastro Azzuro (5,1%) (Light Lager)
    33 cl 55 kr
  • Peroni, classica ( 4,7%) (Light lager)
    66 cl 89 kr
    Italy’s most sold beer!
  • Menabrea (4,8%)
    66 cl 89 kr
    Light delicate wellbalanced lager
    with a fruity aroma and smell of dry grass and citrus.
  • La MiDona, Amarcord ( 6,5%) (Light Ale)
    50 cl 99 kr
  • La Volpina, Amarcord (6,5%) (Red Ale)
    50 cl 99 kr
    A fullbodied and tasty beer for the real beer fanstast.
  • La Tabbacchera, Amarcord ( 9%) (Dark Ale)
    50 cl 110 kr
  • Castello, (4,8%)(Lager)
    66 cl 89 kr
    Perfect for spicy food or to enjoy on its own.
  • Hoila ( 5,5%)
    27,5 cl 55 kr
    Italian cider, from South tyrol


We also have a selection of more exclusive wines – please ask your waiter/waitress!
PROSECCO e APERITIVI (Sparkling and aperitivi)
  • Prosecco DOC
    Glass 95 kr Bottle 345 kr
    100% Prosecco. Veneto.
    Bright straw yellow. Very fine, pleseant and crisp,
    with plenty of fruity and flowery aroma.
    Best served with: Ideal as aperitif, sea food,
    white meat courses and risotto.
  • Aperol Spritz
    115 kr
    Prosecco, Aperol, Soda water
  • Amalfi Spritz
    115 kr
    Prosecco, limoncello, Soda water
ROSATO (Rose’)
  • Pipoli Rosato
    Glass 90 kr Bottle 360 kr
    Rose´ Basilicata IGT
    Bright raspberry pink.
    To the nose hints of cherry, sour black cherry and pansy.
    Elegant wine, with persistent floral finish.
    Best served with: White meat, fresh cheese, fish
VINO BIANCO (White wine)
  • Luma´
    Glass 85 kr Bottle 340 kr
    Grillo Terre Siciliane IGT
    Straw yellow colour, bright and vivid, with golden highlights.
    Fresh and mineral, with hints of yellow flowers, peaches and citrus fruit.
    Tasty and full-bodied, with mineral hints.
    Lightly bitter at the end.
    Best served with: Excellent with fish dishes, fresh cheese, light risotto
  • Ribolla Gialla DOCG
    Glass 125 kr Bottle 490 kr
    Grape: 100% Ribolla Gialla
    Light yellow. An elegant smell and hint of exotic fruit.
    Perfect for starters, shellfish, fish, and pastadishes.
  • Pipoli
    Glass 90 kr Bottle 360 kr
    Greco – Fiano Basilicata IGP
    Yellow with green reflections.
    Hints of white pulp fruit.
    Good acidity that enhances the wine’s freshness.
    Best served with: Fish food, ideal as aperitif wine
VINO ROSSO (Red wine)
  • Primo, Rosso Puglia IGT
    Glass 80 kr Bottle 325 kr
    Grape: Sangiovese, Merlot
    Ruby red colour.
    Intense and persistent fragrance, fruity with cherries, prunes and vanilla scent.
    Medium bodied wine, well balanced and soft, ready to drink.
    Best served with: Easy to drink excellent with salami, first courses, red meat and cheeses.
  • I Muri, Primitivo Puglia IGP
    Glass 90 kr Bottle 360 kr
    Grape: Primitivo
    Intense ruby red colour with violet reflections;
    intense fruity (red fruits).
    A full-bodied wine, soft, quite tannic, harmonious. Ready to drink.
    Best served with: Excellent with rich first courses, red meat, game and medium-seasoned cheeses.
  • Tufarello, Nero di Troia Puglia IGT
    Glass 95 kr Bottle 380 kr
    Grape: Nero di Troia
    Ruby red with garnet highlights.
    Intense, longlasting and fruity perfume.
    Wine of great structure, tannic and well balanced.
    Best served with: It matches with salami, first courses, red meat, and seasoned cheese.
  • Negroamaro, Vigne vecchie, Puglia I.G.P
    Glass 125 kr Bottle 550 kr
    Grape: Negroamaro.
    Ruby red colour. Smell of forest fruit and slight tobaco smell.
    Perfect to starters, red meat and mature cheese, and also to drink on its own.
BIBITE (Alcoholfree drinks)
  • Lemonade 33cl Coca Cola / Coca Cola light /Zero/ Fanta / Sprite /Lättöl
    35 kr
  • Birra Italiana analcolico (italian alcoholfree beer, 0,0%)
    55 kr
  • Mineral water 50cl Sparkling
    37 kr
  • Italian cola, biologic, 335ml
  • Aranciata 35cl (Italian, biological) orange / lemon
    45 kr
  • Italian Juice 25cl Orange / Apple
    35 kr
  • Milk
    22 kr
  • Alcoholfree wine
    55 kr
    red or white
  • Espresso
    25 kr
  • Dubbel Espresso
    35 kr
  • Cappuccino
    40 kr
  • Latte
    45 kr
  • Americano
    30 kr
  • Espessino (small cappuccino with cacao and chocolate)
    45 kr
  • Affogato al caffé (Italian vanilla ice cream topped with warm espresso shot & chocolate)
    65 kr
CAFFE' CORRETTO (Coffedrinks)
  • Caffe Corretto (espresso with 1cl alcohol) (frangelico, amaretto, baileys, sambuca mm)
    60 kr
  • Irish coffe (jameson)
    105 kr
  • Italian coffe (frangelico)
    105 kr
  • Alberobello coffe (baileys)
    105 kr
Dessertwine, grappa and avecs you will find on the backside!
  • Marsala Fine, 17%
    4cl: 49kr - 6cl: 69kr
  • Passito di Pantelleria D.O.P 14%
    4cl: 55kr - 6cl: 75kr
  • Torre Delizie ”Il Santo” 16%
    4cl: 55kr - 6cl: 75kr
  • Grappa Chardonnay, 40%
    3cl: 45kr - 6cl: 85kr
  • Grappa Brunello di Montalcino riserva, 40%
    3cl: 69kr - 6cl: 135kr
  • Grappa Amarone Riserva
    3cl: 69kr - 6cl: 135kr
  • Grappa Moscato
    3cl: 69kr - 6cl: 135kr
  • Grappa Barolo
    3cl: 90kr - 6cl: 170kr
  • Limoncello
    3cl: 45kr - 6cl: 85kr
  • Amaro Lucano, 28%
    3cl: 45kr - 6cl: 85kr
  • Amaro Montenegro, 23%
    3cl: 45kr - 6cl: 85kr
  • Sambuca, 40%
    3cl: 52kr - 6cl: 99kr
  • Amaretto, 30%
    3cl: 45kr - 6cl: 85kr
  • Disaronno, 28%
    3cl: 45kr - 6cl: 85kr
  • Remy Martin V.S.O.P
    3cl: 99kr - 6cl: 135kr
  • Grönstedts
    3cl: 79kr - 6cl: 115kr
  • Vecchia Romagna Riserva 10år, 40%
    3cl: 79kr - 6cl: 115kr
  • Ballantines finest scotch whisky, 40%
    3cl: 79kr - 6cl: 115kr - 8cl: 150kr
  • Johnnie Walker black label 12år, 40%
    3cl: 79kr - 6cl: 115kr - 8cl: 150kr
  • The MaCallan ,12år, 40%
    3cl: 99kr - 6cl: 145kr - 8cl: 195kr
  • Highland Park, 18år, 43%
    3cl: 112kr - 6cl: 165kr - 8cl: 220kr
Above is only a selection. Please ask your waiter/waitress for more options.